Nimbin CDAT (Community Drug Action Team) 


The Nimbin CDAT is a volunteer community group which exists to prevent and reduce drug and alcohol (AOD)-related harms by:

  1. Improving the level, range and access to AOD services and treatments available in Nimbin*;
  2. Working towards a more positive (and accurate) profile of Nimbin;
  3. Preventing the initiation into harmful and hazardous AOD, especially by young people; and
  4. Working collaboratively with other local agencies, services and community groups to address AOD related problems in Nimbin and the Northern Rivers region:

Nimbin CDAT will do this by undertaking a range of local and regional activities and initiatives which:

  • Increase awareness of alcohol and other drug (AOD) related harms within the community;
  • Promote the uptake of protective strategies aimed at reducing AOD-related harms;
  • Increase safe and healthy environments, both social and physical, which promote prevention and reduction of AOD-related harm;

*Nimbin is defined for the purposes of CDAT as being the area enclosed within a 30km radius from the centre of the village.


 Membership of Nimbin CDAT is open to local community members, including representatives from local service providers and agencies as may be deemed relevant by the group.


Local Survey

During 2015 a survey was conducted of people who use drugs in the community to inform the priorities and directions of the Nimbin CDAT.

Click here to see the Report and here to see the Appendices to the Report (Tables and Charts).

Latest CDAT News:


Nimbin CDAT Youth Arts Competition WILD Winners Announced! And the winners are.....drum roll....

14-17 yrs category:
1st Prize $500: Atrium - a short film by Alako Myles (click on the link to view it)
2nd Prize $300: My Wild Side by Charlotte McLaren
3rd Prize $200: Wild Emotions by Zion Joose
and the judges had so much trouble choosing between so many fabulous entries they added a 4th Highly Commended prize of $100 to: Into the Woods by Grace Forster
You can see all the 14-17yr entries here.
Plus the following short films entered in this category (plus Atrium, above):

The Wild Side by Amy Eames

Wild Animals by Tasha Hardy

18-24yrs category:
1st Prize: $500 Fire Razor by Finn Andrews
2nd Prize $300: Harmonic Balance by Venus Herbert
3rd Prize $200: What's Wild by Christine Smith
and as above Highly Commended $100 prize: Wild Things a short film by Madelaine Carruthers (click on the link to view it).
You can see all the 18-24 entries here.
Congratulations to our winners and many thanks to all of you who entered. The judges really did have to work hard to choose the winners. We might do it again in 2021 so watch this space!


Drinking or Drugging At Home Alone during Covid 19? Check out these Safety Tips from Captain Competent and Clued-Up Claudelia:

Check out our brand new SHORT ANIMATIONS featuring our cartoon characters Freddy Foolhardy and Reckless Rita, and our Harm Reduction Super Heroes Clued-Up Claudelia and Captain Competent:

Reckless Rita and Freddy Foolhardy on: Intoxication and Violence

Reckless Rita and Freddy Foolhardy on: Looking After Your Intoxicated Mates
Reckless Rita and Freddy Foolhardy on: Intoxication and Consent
Reckless Rita and Freddy Foolhardy on: Safety with Recreational Pills   


The animations were made possible by funds obtained through the Local Health District’s Big Ideas pitching competition. We also won a very cool trophy.

The films were made to show on big screens at festivals and events. We hope to see the festivals come back in 2021. In the meantime we will be finding other uses for them.

You are welcome to contact us if you would like to use any or all of these at your event.

Clued-Up Claudelia has come to life!! Through the Big Ideas competition we were also awarded the funds to bring Clued-Up Claudelia to life so she can join Captain Competent on his Harm Reduction escapades. Here she is on set of a movie we have made that is currently being finalised.

CDAT meetings We meet on a monthly basis, on Thursdays at 2pm and meetings are currently being held on line via Zoom. To join Nimbin CDAT contact us at NNIC on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

NOW Recruiting: Harm Reduction Super Heroes – male/s – must be of slim build and 6’ or less – females – size 12-14, average height. Apply to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CDAT 'Toons - See the first 15 in the series in the flip book below.

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