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NNIC wishes to acknowledge the massive impact this disaster has had upon our community and the entire region. Our hearts go out to everyone directly and indirectly impacted and to those who have lost their homes and their livelihoods or who are living with the ongoing trauma of inundation and landslides. Together we will get through this.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: People in the Nimbin catchment area who have been displaced directly due to flood impacts - in our area this is mainly about houses damaged by landslides and which are unsafe to live in - WE NEED TO HEAR FROM you. If you have not been in to see us about this already, or even if you have, we need you all to come in and fill out the attached form (I know..groan) so we can apply for/lobby for funds for temp housing solutions. If you have been taking to Cerise she will be in touch with you.
IF you have been displaced because you cannot access your own home due to damage to internal roads, driveways or causeways we also need to hear from you, for the same we can lobby for temp housing for you.
We need more info and a clearer idea of how many households are impacted in order to lobby for funds. We are aware that many of you are waiting for structural assessments to be undertaken on your homes. If you need help with that, also get in touch.
For everyone who has reported damage to internal roads, causeways and are not forgotten...we are lobbying hard for funds to be directed to this issue and we are also applying for funding to help you all. Council is doing the same.
If you have not reported to us your need for temp housing solutions or significant damage to access infrastructure so and we will add you to the list.
As you are aware we have been collecting donations which we will use to address funding gaps as best as we can...but the problem is very extensive and significant and we are well aware the costs are going to be well beyond the means of communities and community members in many cases.
In the meantime anyone in the above categores should register for this Flood Recovery Back Home grant via Services NSW.
You should also register for the Flood Recovery Property Assessement and Demolition (PAD) Program also via Services NSW.


NOTE: Not every person is online or on social media - please pass info around as much as possible by other means.

NNIC is OPEN 10am-4pm Mon-Friday at 71 Cullen St Nimbin (next to the park), 66891692 and is currently functioning as Nimbin's central Disater Response and Recovery Assistance Centre, and we are working closely with multiple other community organisations, businesses and individual community members plus external agencies. Collectively we are able to provide significant support and assistance.

We can help with lots of support and info: e.g. food support (including dog/cat food/supplies), hot meals, frozen meals, drinking water, mental health support, assistance with mobile phones/devices, printing, copying, internet access and help with navigating the myriad of disaster relief payments and grants.

COVID-19: With a new variant emerged and cases rising across NSW, mask wearing inside especially in comfined spaces is recommended. Good ventilation and hand hygiene practices remain crucial. If you need NNIC services and support but you are: In compulsory self-isolation, OR Feeling unwell, OR Feeling nervous and wanting to maintain social isolation, then YOU CAN CALL us on 6689 1692 and we can arrange a telephone appointment for you so you do not have to come in personally.

SERVICES AUSTRALIA - CENTRELINK AGENCY as of Tuesday 12th April the Agency at NNIC will resume normal functions and the additional SA staff will be leaving us. It has been fantastic to have Alison and Kim from SA here for the past 4 weeks...their assistance to the community in these traumatic times has been invaluable. Extra SA staff will be at NNIC on Wednesday 20th April and possibly next Wednesday also.

SERVICES NSW staff will be back at NNIC on Wednesday 20th April (and hopefully next Wednesday also) to assist people with Service NSW flood relief payments and grants and other SNSW business.

MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT with qualified staff 3 days per week.

NEED HOUSING SUPPORT? Come in and see us at NNIC as we are keeping records to pass onto Council and others regarding local housing needs for anyone who has been displaced from your homes due to the disaster impacts.

NEED ESSENTIAL ITEMS REPLACED? Lost or damaged items from the landlsides/floods? NNIC is now regsitered with GIVIT so we can list your needs on GIVIT in order to try find matching donoros or either the items needed or cash to purchase them. Come and see us at NNIC. Or contact us for a form to fill out and send back to us.

DAMAGE TO COUNCIL ROADS Council is asking people to send pics/videos of damaged roads, plus your contact details, and the property address nearest to where the damage occurred to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ring the Contact Centre on 6625 0500. This will assist Council to assess the extent of the damage and secure funds to undertake repairs.

IS YOUR CROWN ROAD ACCESS DAMAGED? If your property requires access from a properly designated Crown Road which has been damaged by the flood disaster, the cost of repairs may be covered by the NSW Disaster Assistance Arrangements.
If you believe your road may be eligible for this disaster assistance, please contact Council on 6625 0500 with details of the Crown Road so that we can review eligibility and advise you accordingly. You will need photographic evidence of the condition of the road before and after the disaster.

FLOOD or LANDSLIP DAMAGE to STRUCTURES or INTERNAL ROADS/DRIVEWAYS The main advice we are being given is for people to call 137788 (Services NSW) and log jobs/help needed. This will help response agencies to understand the extent of the damage in the area and allocate resources. You can also log the job on the Resilience NSW website.

If you are in the Nimbin catchment area you can also log jobs with NNIC to pass onto Council, Resilience NSW and also to lobby for resources to deal with the issue.

We need name, best contact number, address/location (GPS coordinates if necessary), nature of the job i.e. does it involve manual labour only, or machinery?; are there the materials and gear (eg shovels, wheelbarrows, gravel) on site?; estimated number of hours for 5 people to complete the job. Pictures of the job are also helpful. Drop in, or call us, or email the details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. There is no guaranteee that this will initiate a response but at the very least we can gather a list for the purposes of lobbying for more support.

On Thursday and Friday 7th and 8th April the local response agencies were conducting assessments of our area in order based on the information gathered to date by NNIC and Cerise in particular, to determine the extent and nature of damge, where geotech assessements are needed, what equipment and materails will be needed and to start working out how best to allocate resources to restore access to properties. The primary focus wil be on shared acess routes eg common roads/driveways, plus other priorties such as level of damage, nature of the people directly impacted in terms of vulnerability etc.

STRUCTURAL DAMAGE to houses: you can log the details with NNIC via email or PM (to Momo) and this info will be passed onto response agencies for allocation of structural assessors. NOTE we have been promised by Council that this is NOT a regulatory process and is not about enforcing DAs or policing non approved dwellings etc. It is purely about ensuring safety of residents and provide advice as to how to remedy/address structural issues. You MAY be advised to seek alternate accommodation if your house is too dangerous to stay in due to risk of collapse.

WATER The Level 3 Water Restrictions have now been lifted, effective immediately. Restrictions were prompted by damage to the pipe that delivers water from Nimbin weir to the storage holding dam. Council crews, working with the ADF, have repaired the pipe and supply to the holding dam is now secure.

The RURAL WATER LINE has also been restored. Many thanks to Council staff who worked with the Australian Defence Force to undertake this important infrastructure repair work.

HELP WANTED: Are you able to assist local Nimbinites to clear mud and access routes? Looking for teams of people to help out...need boots, shovels, willingness and chainsaws etc if you have them. If you can help email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

YOU CAN ALSO REGISTER FOR HELP on the Resilience NSW website here.

DISASTER RELIEF FUNDING: Call 1802266 or come into our Services Australia (Centrelink) Agency.

Red Cross grants: People can apply for the grants online or by phone 1800 733 276. The grants cover:

For a comprehensive list of most funding and payment options available see this great list by ChessConnect.

If you need support to navigate the relief funding available, make an appointment with our Community Worker, who is available Wed-Friday.



GARBAGE Nimbin Tip back to usual operating hours between 8am and 3pm, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The NSW Government’s EPA fee exemption for flood affected waste does not apply to non-flood affected waste. This means normal weighbridge fees will be charged.

Kerbside bin collections have resumed to those roads where the garbage trucks can access.

NIMBIN BUILDING MATERIALS is OPEN as usual. Some supplies interrupted.

Need CLOTHING? Nimbin CWA may be able to assist.

NNIC is a registered charity with a current Fundraising Authority. No fees are taken from donations. 100% of flood relief donations will be distributed to people in need who have been directly impacted, prioritising the most disadvantaged or vulnerable people in our community. To everyone who has donated funds to date, we thank you.

For more info and assistance come into the Neighbourhood Centre.

NSW Flood Inquiry Launched you can have your say in the Inquiry here

LOCAL ROADS HAZARDS AND CLOSURES PLEASE STAY OFF IMPACTED ROADS as much as possible to minimise further damage and avoid danger. Please always drive to conditions and follow all instructions. Roads are closed because they pose a serious danger to motorists and to reduce the risk of further damage.


Roads across our entire local government area have had significant damage.Our crews are working hard to ensure our roads are safe, however, it will take time and we ask for the community’s patience.

FOR LOCAL ROADs INFORMATION try the My Roads Info website

or try Kyogle Coouncil website here

or Tweed Council website here


Northern Rivers Buslines from Lismore will be operating from Monday March 14. Please check their website for updates and variations.

Gosels Bus Service will be operating from Nimbin / Kyogle Road at 7.50 am continuing down Blue Knob Road to Nimbin.

Quinn’s Bus Services have recommenced to a limited extent where roads are passable by buses.

Check the relevant Bus Company's website for timetable updates.


WIRES 1300 094 737

NRWC 6628 1866

Tweed Valley Wildlife Carers 6672 4789

Friends of the Koala 6622 1233


ON ANOTHER TOPIC...heres an upcoming local event NOT TO BE MISSED ...we are anticipating a lively community conversation on this topic so come and join us in the fun!